Monday, February 20, 2006

$350 a night and well-worth it!

I NEVER thought I'd say this, but I paid $350 per night (off-season) for our room . . . and it was worth every penny! Our suite was lovely. We had a large balcony that overlooked the pool and the bay. The bed was huge (we're getting one of those!) and fluffy. The history behind the hotel was amazing. We loved it and will find an excuse to go back sooner, rather than later. The staff was fantastic. They went so far above and beyond good service (and I have HIGH standards) that I cannot even describe it!

We got to the airport and I finally told J that he could guess where we were going. I had him believing that we were going to Palm Springs. He believed that until we walked by that gate . . . I couldn't hide it any longer once we got to the correct gate. He warned me to not tell the flight crew that it was his birthday - said he wouldn't sit by me if I did. Well, it was a full flight, where else was he going to sit? So everyone sang and the SW crew made him a "cake" out of a toilet

We took a taxi to Coronado. Once we checked in and had walked through the suite, he started to get a little, um . . . frisky. I had to tell him to tone it down for a few minutes and he was like, "Why? Come on baby, it's my birthday . . . " Right then, there's a knock at the door and I open it to three staff members coming in with a gorgeous cake and full champagne service. They set it all up on the balcony, I gave him his card and it was a perfect moment. Perfect! And the cake? Was unbelievable!

We spent a little time in the suite, wink, wink . . . and then headed to the beach to watch the sunset. We got cleaned up and had a phenomenal dinner at an Italian place just down the street. J had steak & lobster - done perfectly. Desert, wine . . . everything was great! We walked back in the rain (we started the relationship in the rain, so it was a good reminder) and had an awesome night!

We woke up to a huge downpour at about 4:00 am. Went back to sleep and then woke to brilliant sunshine, which meant that our photo session was still on! We had our continental breakfast in the suite and then headed to the beach. Here is the link to the beach photos. Use the drop-down menu and choose Amy & John, then the password is younglove . . . she'll mail me the CD will full-resolution images this week and then I'll get to have some fun with them!

Ok, that's pretty much it through Saturday morning, I'll finish up with the rest of the (mentionable) details and photos later.


Blogger suburban mom said...

That's so funny that you left a comment on my blog...because I had just been looking at your blog earlier today. That hotel sounds awesome...and I'm so glad it was worth it. You guys are so cute!

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